Our Mission

          Our Mission

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          We, the Staff of the Convent School of Our Lady of Natal commit ourselves to:

          The development of the whole child.
           We strive to develop talents, potential and self-esteem through a well-balanced curriculum and/or programme in which each child is given encouragement and affirmation.

          Creating a dynamic curriculum
          through constant evaluation and review and we aspire to maintain realistic teacher expectations of the child's ability.

          The ongoing development of spiritual, personal and professional growth
          within ourselves, through continual interaction and exposure to the diverse elements of our environment.

          Striving for the ongoing spiritual development
          and growth of our children by encouraging a relationship with God and all mankind.

          Encouraging respect and human dignity by:

          ~accepting and being sensitive to differences
          ~striving towards unity through recognition of our similarities.

          Earnestly seeking to promote open, relevant and honest communication
          by maintaining an open door policy and warm, tolerant relationships at all levels.